About Us

Our Unique Identity
The Christian Family Centre Churches have been raised up by God to express our beliefs and ministry with a set of core values and a purposeful ministry strategy that fits squarely within the mainstream of historic Christian belief and practice; and which we believe is appealing and relevant to 21st Century culture and its various social needs.

Our Biblical Foundation
As with other churches, we accept and rely on the Bible as God’s Word, and we express normally accepted Biblically-based Christian beliefs, values, ethics and behaviour; and hold an attitude of friendship and cooperation with other Christian denominations.

Our Christ-Centred Worldview
Our view of the Christian life is that it should be centred around a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and therefore will be loving, joyful, supportive and productive in all of its expressions. We help people rest in the finished work of Christ’s death on the Cross and His resurrection on their behalf; and in the reality of Christ in us through the person of the Holy Spirit.

We place our trust in the doing and dying of Christ on our behalf and depend on Christ’s living presence to initially save us and to continually sustain us in our Christian walk.

Our Passion For All People
We affirm that Jesus Christ can transform all people by His love and grace; and that He will always enrich people’s lives, enabling them to fully develop their God given potential and to live with meaning, purpose and dignity. We are a church for all people.

You Are Welcome

Fridays 11am | Sundays 8:30am, 10:30am & 5:30pm | 185 Frederick Road, Seaton | Senior Minister - Bill Vasilakis

What should I expect at a CFC service?
Every week Christian Family Centre, Seaton holds four services across four congregations, as one church family. Each congregation meets each week at the following times:

Friday 11am Congregation
Traditional service for seniors, with communion every week and lunch available afterwards (1st and 3rd Friday each month). Congregational Pastor - Mick Hutchfield

Sunday 8:30am Congregation
An acoustic-style early service of worship, word and ministry. Congregational Pastor - Nathan Bettcher

Sunday 10:30am Congregation
A multi-generational celebration service with children's and youth programs plus a reasonably priced meal for lunch afterwards. Congregational Pastor - Cass Tompich

Sunday 5:30 Congregation
A vibrant service for generations to gather, worship and follow Jesus. Congregational Pastor - Sam Chesser

A Church for All People
As our guest, our services are designed with you in mind - so you can engage with what's happening in a relaxed and respectful environment. Each of our services include inspiring worship, communication using biblical and relevant messages, as well as various creative elements. We unashamedly point people to Jesus, the claims He made about Himself when He walked this earth over 2000 years ago and what His death and resurrection mean for our lives today. We are a safe, welcoming church for people who are not sure what they think about God, those who feel far away from Him right now or those who want to discover more about Jesus.

Info Desk
When you visit the Christian Family Centre, come and speak to any of our friendly team at the Info Desk, located in our Foyer. Our team will help you locate different areas across our venue (I.e.kids and youth programs, community hall for meals etc), answer any queries you might have, and will even grab you a free coffee after the service!

Children & Young People
We believe children and young people are incredibly valuable and that they have a unique part to play in the life of our church family. Because of this, we intentionally provide caring, fun and safe environments for kids & youth to belong & build lasting friendships, explore & experience God's love & thrive in their unique gifts & purpose. All our CFC Kids & CFC Youth Team Members undergo screening & ongoing training as required by our CFC C.A.R.E Policy. As a member church of CRC Churches International (the denominational family we are part of) we adhere to CRC Duty of Care & Child Protection Guidelines which inform and guide our practice http://crcchurches.org/crc-duty-of-care-child-protection-guidelines/.

CFC Kids
CFC Kids runs each Sunday alongside our 10:30am service with age specific programs that cater for Toddlers (18m-up to 3ys); Preschoolers (3-4 yrs) & Primary School kids (5-10yrs). CFC Kids BREAKOUT happens on Friday afternoons, during school terms - weeks 3-8 from 4:30-6pm. BREAKOUT is for all children Reception to Year 5. For more info find us on Facebook @cfcseatonkids

CFC Youth
For students year 6 to year 9, CFC Youth gathers every Sunday during school term alongside our 10:30am service (10.30am-12.00pm). CFC Youth also runs a dynamic Friday night program for years 6-12, 7-9pm. For more info find us on Facebook @cfcseatonyouth or follow us on Instagram @cfcyth.

Young Families
We love welcoming first time families. During our Early Service (8:30-9:30am) parents of preschool children (under 5’s) can supervise their children at play on our Indoor Preschool Playground, while watching the service in our Community Hall. At our 8:30am and 10:30am services, our Parenting Room is also available for use. Parents/Carers can supervise their baby/toddler while watching the service, or make use of baby change facilities etc. We also provide a Mums'N'Bubs room for all Sunday services for mums who would like privacy & a quiet space for feeding or settling their baby for sleep while watching our services. For our 5:30pm congregation you can register and sign in your preschool child (6 months to 4 years) into our Creche program with our caring, helpful and screened CFC Kids Creche Team.

Before & After Church
After every Friday 11am service a low cost and scrumptious meal is available for purchase in our Community Hall. From 9:30-10:30am on Sundays our CFC Cafe is open for you to purchase a barista coffee or various drinks. We also have free tea & coffee making facilities available. Feel free to stay on after our 8.30am service or come early before the 10:30 service and make use of these facilities. After our 10.30am service there is also a delicious, reasonably priced meal available for purchase. Plus, three times a month our Sunday 5:30 teams prepare a really tasty meal for our PM service attendees to purchase. Come early from 5pm on Sunday nights for great barista coffee and stay on afterwards for a meal.

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